By Chad Yelinski :

“Sir, there are two passions which have a powerful influence on the affairs of men. These are -ambition and avarice; the love of power and the love of money.” –Benjamin Franklin, a comment following the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention.

Prophetically perhaps, one of our most well known Founding Fathers made this statement at the beginning of our nation which is still highly relevant to this day. Prophetic because it came to serve as a warning for those of us looking to take careers into the political world, without fully understanding the pitfalls which this treacherous path has to offer.

Choosing of this path leads to pitfalls which all young conservatives should be working actively to avoid in undertaking out political careers. Politics will bring out the worst of men which is why Madison so famously wrote in Federalists 51 that, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary…” because of the lures that wealth and power will bring upon us. Our Founding Fathers understood better than any why pursuing a political career could lead the individual and the government astray.

From Mark Levin’s book; The Liberty Amendments, Levin makes a point that “the people must have as their goal the reestablishment of the founding principles and the restoration of constitutional republicanism, thereby nurturing the individual and preserving the civil society.” What does this mean for young conservatives?

As young conservatives we should listen to this guidance and understand that our ultimate ends should be to not allow ourselves to fall prey to the corruptibility of politics, but focus on nurturing our self and understanding best the role we can fill within society. We have an understanding of politics that is more Machiavellian then Aristotelian; the ends will justify the means.

What this has done so presently in our political structure today is create weak political leaders who do their jobs simply for self promotion and for creating a “soft” job for themselves. Rarely do we see and hold up individuals willing to live by and stand for the principles and politics which shaped our founding originally. We should remember our founders for the virtue that guided their lives and look less at the impotence of today’s political leaders.

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