Student Advisors

Student Advisors

Alexandria Zamecnik
Alexandria Zamecnik is a college freshman who recently graduated from F.J Turner High School. She will be a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.; she intends to major in Political Science, with a double minor in Public Relations and Journalism. In high school, Alex’s student activities included: four years in Student Government, two of which she was Vice President and President, three years as Yearbook Editor, and she played in Youth to Youth, and soccer. Alex  spent her free time working and participating in youth options, a program that allows high school students to attend college. During her summers, she volunteers for “River of God Ministries,” a family started ministry that spends hours feeding and praying for homeless in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Her political interest sparked when her school took place in a walk-out, supporting the recall of Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. She stood with Scott Walker, even with a large number of state workers and teachers in her family did not. With her degree, she intends on becoming a political analyst and writer for a major news network.

Alicia Stetin

Alicia Stetin is 18 years old. She is a high school graduate from Canajoharie High School, which is in a small town in Upstate New York. She was the President of her class junior and senior year. Alicia is attending the college of SUNY Oswego in the fall 2012 to major in Political Science and minor in Broadcasting. She has hopes to one day work for Fox News Channel and eventually run for public office.

Alicia’s political heroes: George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Rick Santorum, and Paul Ryan.

Danny Huizinga

Danny Huizinga is currently a sophomore at Baylor University, pursuing three business majors in Economics, Finance, and Business Fellows with a minor in mathematics.  He is a Texas resident who originally hales from Chicagoland area.

In his free time from classes and singing in the Baylor Men’s Choir, Danny writes a political blog called Consider Again located at