Open The Books

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Open The Books is a game changing development in the national spending debate. We show citizens “exactly where your money went”.

In order to cut federal spending, first we must see it. Finally, citizens can see the massive money flows into their own hometowns. Our technology hyper-localizes United States government checkbook spending, showing contracts, grants, direct payments, insurance, farm subsidies, and loans, along with 2.5 million federal employees displayed in 83,000 zip codes.

What have others said about it?

“The Open the Books app is on the cutting edge of government transparency. As government data becomes more available, apps like Open the Books are going to produce the public oversight of government we badly need.”

Jim Harper, Cato Institute, Washington D.C.

This just may be the smartest thing smart phones have produced yet.
Teresa Mull, American Spectator

“Is the spending in the national interest or the public interest?”
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Ok) quote
Track Government Spending on Your Phone
The Wall Street Journal opinion Editorial by Adam Andrzejewski

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