Party of Tolerance?

By Ashley Hammond:


We’ve all seen it – the Internet meme floating around that compares conservative women to liberal women. Piers Morgan is featured on the “liberal women” side. After a nasty tweet was sent out by Keith Olbermann to a female acquaintance of mine, I made the suggestion that he belonged on the liberal side – right beside Rachel Maddow. The following is his response:










I responded to this comment, noting, “D’aw, cute.” Mr. Olbermann responded by saying, “No, seriously.” A few of my followers chimed in, attempting to defend me. Mr. Olbermann’s response? “She started it.”

Mr. Olbermann’s juvenile antics aside, this is something that is not uncommon among liberals. The thing about liberals is they’re quick to defend their actions with one hand, while using the other to tout themselves as the party of equality, tolerance and, of course, women’s rights. The tiny asterisk beside all of that, however, is that you have to agree with them.

Sure, I’ve met a handful of people on the left who are open to debate without resorting to name-calling. However, the majority of leftists have come to believe that they must insult their opponents, rather than actually debate. Olbermann’s timeline is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to the dirty tactics and double standard of the left.

In my time on Twitter, I’ve been subject to many attakcs. When a liberal has nothing left to argue, they’ve taken to insulting my looks, my body and, more recently, mocking the death of my mother. The following was a comment left on a blog I wrote about my father – a Marine Corps veteran who, at the time, was in the hospital.









I learned early on in life to grow a thick skin, so these insults have not had a huge impact on me. Making a mockery of my mother’s death, however, crossed the line. She is not here to defend herself – which, I’ve discovered, makes her the perfect target for this party of tolerance and acceptance.

Again, however, this is a party that touts the successes of Sandra Fluke while poking fun at Sarah Palin’s son Trig. These people believe in equality, so long as you agree with them. They believe in allowing women to be strong and powerful, so long as those women don’t speak out against them. Yet, when election time rolls around, they are quick to call republicans out as hypocrites and womanizers, sexists and homophobes.

I’ve noted before that conservatives need to stop allowing this blatant double standard to continue. We need to – in the words of the NRA – stand and fight. This is not a call to start insulting every democrat we encounter. Rather, we need to start exposing the party of equality and tolerance for what it is – a party of conditional equality; conditional acceptance.

Keith Olbermann – and others like him – can continue to make sexist and nasty comments all they want. I can overcome whatever physical shortcomings they believe I have. They, however, will always be just what they are – prime examples of the tolerance, equality and acceptance that can be found on the left.


Views expressed are not endorsed or put forward by Turning Point USA

Biography Ashley Hammond

Ashley is a writer living in Northern Virginia. She is in the process of completing her graduate degree. She is passionate about politics and making her fellow students aware of the importance of fiscal responsibility as it relates to college education. She is also passionate about inspiring young people to get more involved politically.


  1. Serena M. says:

    Um, but you DID start it. And speaking of party politics, it’s the Republican party that claims to be the party of personal responsibility, yet all they EVER seem to do is point fingers & blame others. Oh, and play the victim card. Truth is, YOU made a smart ass remark and Keith defended himself. Call the WAHMBULANCE. Also, lets be serious, since you want to cherry pick, the conservative side has Van Sustern, Victoria Jackson, & Orly Taitz. The Liberal side has Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johanssen, and Olivia Wilde. Plus every other hot actor & actress in Hollywood.

  2. Michael Ilardi says:

    Case in Point of the article^

  3. MickTrainer says:

    Quite the sweeping generalization there, Ashley.

  4. What definition of tolerance applies here, Ms Thorel? Don’t you find it amazing, the number of fools establishing Twitter accounts solely for the purpose of tweeting “Your [sic] an idiot” 25 times at a single individual? How much tolerance should we expect for such behavior? Where is the boundary? Whether or not the person is a public figure is beside the point; for any recipient, it gets tiresome. You might want to take that aspect into account before letting the next insult fly.

  5. you right wing nut jobs can dish it out but you can’t take it when its dished back to you. coward.

  6. Christopher Ronald Johnson says:

    Let’s not be naive here – you can find incompetent hypocrites throughout the political spectrum. Making such sweeping generalizations while shaming your opponent for making sweeping generalizations may very well place you among them.

  7. Why would you feed the trolls or be a troll, yourself? Most people are complicated and not just liberal or conservative. It’s the wingnuts that are making all the trouble.

  8. If you don’t like Olbermann than why did you follow him and tweet him? You are the one acting juvenile. It is his twitter page. If you don’t like him, just stay away. So, so, simple

  9. I don’t agree with Olbermann 100% of the time, but I found Countdown and MSNBC more watchable than anything on Fox News.

    The problem with what you call “conservatives” is that they go to far and leave most Americans disgusted with some of their antics like the ones I just read on twitter.

    While I may try to reason with someone like you, Keith is going to come after you with both guns blazing. Of course you know that and attack him and his friends, then cry foul when you get the expected response. I spurned the romantic advances of someone who called himself conservative. What did he do? He posted the Confederate flag on his page and remarks about race and sex with minors that he knew would offend me. My response was to remind him of the lives lost in the Civil War and how his views about teen sex could affect his own teen daughter–who is now a teen mom. Then I turned my back on him. That experience and others, has deafen me to anything the right wing partisans have to say. In the past, I had even donated to republican candidates, but I wash my hands of the party or any like it.

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