William Montgomery is the Senior Advisor for Turning Point USA (TPUSA). At 72 years of age he considers himself “a healthy and youthful senior”. His vast knowledge and experience has helped Charlie Kirk establish TPUSA as a highly credible 501c4 Non Profit in a very short period of time.

Bill’s goal is to advise and oversee the operation so that Charlie can reach the youth of this country with fiscally conservative values.

Bill has lived in Lemont, Illinois with his wife for over 25 years. He grew up in Peoria, Illinois and his two favorite people are from Pekin, Illinois and Dixon, Illinois – Senator Everett Dirksen and President Ronald Reagan.

Some of Bill’s experience –
* Attended Lincoln College for two years
* Illinois Air National Guard for 6 years
* Active Duty for 11 months during “Berlin Crisis”
* Asst. Sales Manager & Marketing Development Manager – E. C. Dewitt & Co. – Chicago IL
* Division Sales Manager for Standard Pharmaceutical – Elgin,
* Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for Convacare Inc. – Northbrook IL
* Regional Sales Manager and Lecturer – Optical Sciences Group Inc. – San Rafael CA
* Marketing Director – Milroy Labs Inc. – Sarasota FL
* Marketing Director and Sales Manager – Laser Works Inc. – Bradenton FL
* Sarasota’s Campaign Manager for re-election of President Nixon -Sarasota FL
* Co-Publisher & Managing Editor of Siesta Key Pelican Newspaper – Sarasota FL
* Publisher of Sandpiper News – Sarasota FL
* Publisher of four Review Magazines serving Florida West Coast – Sarasota FL
* Publisher of 13 Weekly Newspapers in Cook and DuPage Counties –
123,000 weekly mailed circulation – Montgomery Publishing Co. – Lemont IL
* Owner of The Strand Cafe – Nationally famous for Cajun Food & Entertainment – Lemont IL
* Founder of SOS Save our Schools Tea Party – Lemont IL
* Co-Founder of DesPlaines River Tea Party – Lemont,  IL
* Business Development Advisor – The Stapleton Group CPA’s – Orland Park IL
* Consultant / Advisor – Castle Ridge Builders
* Senior Advisor – Turning Point USA – Lemont IL


Jennifer C. Babbington offers more than 15 years of accomplishment laden experience in the corporate and non for profit industries simultaneously.  As the Chief Operations Officer, she oversees the overall operations for Turning Point USA including: event planning, national chapter management, internal operations, and project management. She has an extensive project management and communications background most recently serving as a Project Specialist and Officer of LaSalle Bank N.A./Bank of America. In this role Jennifer was responsible for starting a new division of the bank by delivering 14 new banking locations across Illinois and Michigan while managing over 100 bankers and financial advisors. She also served in the LaSalle Bank Wealth Management division as a broker and project specialist.

Jennifer’s invaluable non for profit experience has been with a number of high profile organizations including: The Evans Scholars Foundation, The Jim Mullen Foundation, Lions Club, Rotary One Chicago and For The Good of Illinois.  In all of these roles she orchestrated major events including charity golf outings, black tie fundraisers, speakers’ forums, and state wide fundraising events raising $30,000 – 50,000 respectively.

Jennifer received the Evans Scholarship to Marquette University, which is a full tuition scholarship for academics, community involvement, and caddie achievement. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from Marquette University and she studied abroad at St. Clare’s of Oxford University in Oxford, England.  She is married with one daughter. Jennifer is a “Daughter of the Revolution” as she is a direct descendant of Peter Newmyer (1760-1836) of Pennsylvania, who fought in the American Revolutionary War.


Kevin Babbington serves as a technology advisor for Turning Point USA. Kevin is a team orientated Information Technology professional at Project Leadership Associates in Chicago, Illinois; he offers over 14 years of experience. He has a deep understanding of Microsoft Server, enterprise storage, and virtualization technologies. Kevin is a very quick study and highly adaptive to fast paced, high stress and energetic environments. He has strong leadership and communication skills, high integrity and a strong work ethic.

Prior to joining Project Leadership Associates, he worked at Kruger Technical Services for over six years where he served as a Subject matter expert in areas including Active Directory, Exchange 2003-2010, and Windows 2003-2008 R2. Prior to this position he worked at Sentinel Technologies, Inc. as an Active Directory Engineer. Kevin worked under exclusive contract with Chicago Public Schools and implemented a solution to lower the overall cost of ownership of the directory services environment by 23% through consolidation and decommissioning of domain controllers throughout the entire Chicago Public School information technology infrastructure.

Kevin is exceedingly educated in his field completing numerous Microsoft certifications including the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer degree. He graduated from DeVry University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Network and Communications Management.

Kevin has worked extensively with numerous non for profit organizations including: The Jim Mullen Foundation, The Lions Club, and For The Good of Illinois to name a few. Kevin currently lives in Darien, Illinois with his wife and their daughter. Kevin is also a trained martial artist achieving a high brown belt in Taekwondo.


Laura is extremely involved and cares for her local community and government. Laura has been encouraging individuals to become catalysts for authentic change in government. Laura expands her knowledge of government by conducting research; she does this by taping public meetings, interviewing Certified Public Accountants, and pro bono attorneys. Laura presents her research on two websites, in doing so she has gained a considerable amount of community interest which in turn has inspired others to desire change in State and Federal government.

Laura is also involved with the public education system; she has a great understanding of the inner workings and how it operates. This experience inspired her to run for her local school board in 2011; it was a very close election in her opponent’s favor.  In 2012, Laura continued her due diligence and ran against the Republican Assistant Minority Leader Jim Durkin; who has been uncontested for many elections, exhibiting a voting record of a Democrat. In the primary of 2012 she received 25% of the vote while only spending approximately $3,000.00; her opponent spent over $65,000.00.

Prior to running for local government, Laura took time away from the corporate world to raise her family. During this time she took an interest in her local subdivision by becoming the president of the voluntary civic association. She gained great knowledge and experience in dealing with local governmental offices and Illinois State law.

Laura started her career at Argonne National Laboratory; she was extremely involved with her company and fellow employees. Laura was President of the Argonne Club; while holding this position she made significant changes that benefited all the employees and their families.

Laura Reigle currently lives in Lemont, Illinois with her husband and three children.